Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 12-6-22

By Captain Bryan Brawner
We are wrapping up what has been a better than normal year for Galveston East Bay. As most of the state experienced drought, the bay was able to recover some after years of constant inundation of fresh water from storms. Although the speckled trout remained on the smaller side, there is a slow recovery happening for the fishery. It will take a while for the numbers of bigger fish to be in the bay as a large percentage of the population left to not return during the extended periods of 0 salinity. Reds have been excellent throughout the bay system with large numerous schools roaming everywhere from the marsh drains to mid bay shell.

This time of year, the opportunities are less due to low tides from cold fronts. For waders though, there can be outstanding days when you catch the incoming tides right. Any accessible area which is close to some deeper water and or good bait activity can be great wading spots to catch both trout and redfish. Also, the beachfront can offer some good opportunities for whiting, which are one of the better eating fish out there. For any existing customers, you can contact me for some good spots during the holidays.

Those that know me are aware that I have moved to Lake Conroe and am offering guide services and classes there. I intend to keep up this report relevant and current though years of experience and input from professional guides like Captain Steve Brown and Captain Alan Hall.

For my long time saltwater clients, save the traffic and headaches of going across the ferry. Take the drive to Lake Conroe for some of the best eating fish in Texas. Lake Conroe is one of the cleanest lakes and has never had an advisory on eating fish. Even the blue cats are delicious!

Something is always biting. This winter we will mainly be running trips for big Hybrids. Also we can target crappie and catfish. Check my website for specials through December and next year. I update it regularly. There is always something to catch year round here!

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