Cemetery missing gravestone returned

gravestone_0It’s like a story out of Unsolved Mystery, but this one has been Solved, for the most part. A Patton Cemetery missing gravestone has been recovered and returned 20 years later. In the 1990’s, the cemetery was vandalized and some gravestones were stolen. Some were recovered but never replaced. Then Barry Mullin from Nederland was recently helping his son replace a hot water heater in their Beaumont home where he has lived since 2007. The old heater was resting on what seemed to be just a piece of stone used as a support. However, when the heater was removed, they discovered it to be the headstone of Johannah Abrahamson, born in 1834, died in 1902. Mr. Mullin searched the internet and found the story posted to CBLN back in 2013 when the great community of Bolivar came together to clean up the Patton Cemetery. The story led Mr. Mullin to email Tom Osten and together, they put the pieces of this mystery together.


Who knows if we’ll ever find out the answers to Who (took it)? and Why (it was taken)? and How (did it come to be the base of a hot water heater, of all things)? But we do know that Barry and his wife, Donna, delivered the stone back to the cemetery where it will be replaced. Unfortunately we don’t know exactly where the grave is. Regardless, it is back home where it was lovingly placed in 1902.

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3 Responses to “Cemetery missing gravestone returned”

  1. bigdealguy says:

    It’s very nice that a man would not let this go, and take the necessary steps to do what’s right simply because it’s the right thing to do.

  2. Karen Riddles says:

    This is so great!!!

  3. Carlis cole says:

    Such a heartwarming story, thank you for sharing.

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