Crab Cakes

GO_0621By Georgia Osten
We’re always excited when we get a call that another network or production company wants to film something about the Texas Crab Festival. It seems bigger than life and gratifying to “be discovered.” We had been waiting and anticipating the QVC Network presentation for two plus weeks, we put it on Facebook and published it in the online news, and last Wednesday it happened! Of course, no one knew where to tune into QVC, so there were many emails and texts “What channel does QVC come on?” Dish was 90 and Direct was 70 (or something like that). Okay, we were ready – 6pm. Wait a minute, did you say it’s a 3 hour show?

Oh, my goodness, we couldn’t wait to see which pictures they would use. We sent them plenty! The show began with a recipe for crab cakes. Well of course, they would be using crabs. Of course they mentioned the Texas Crab Festival on the Gulf Coast in Crystal Beach, Texas. Wow, that’s us!!!

All of a sudden, I became mesmerized by all the things they were selling. It is, after all, a home-buying/online-buying kind of show. I became fascinated with almost all of the merchandise, the cookware, the ceramic pieces, the prices, the fact that there were thousands of each piece to buy. Soon the colors would diminish – my favorites, then they would be down to things I could do without. When they came to the covers for certain foods, like carrots and cucumbers – things that looked like mini condoms, I was totally ready to move on. Then, all of a sudden, they would grab me again by talking about the Texas Crab Festival and I would direct all my attention back to the TV.

GO_0621-1I was actually a little turned off by Emeril “BAM” Legasse – a bit too much makeup or maybe he actually spends too much time out in the sun in Miami or wherever he’s from. He did bring along a dandy looking little air fryer for only $800. But listen, you could pay for it in 40 installments of $20.

The little chopping gizmo was grabbing me along about the end of the show, and we were still anticipating seeing some of those great Crab Fest pictures we had submitted. The last fifteen minutes, I cratered when it came to the microwave omelet cookers – three for only $15.

My husband was a little disappointed in the show, but I couldn’t wait until the next QVC came on – it was all about Dooney & Bourke handbags.

GO’s Sand Bucket is only one beach bum’s journal of life at the beach, probably something each of you can relate to. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts, visions and/or feelings of just exactly what the beach means to you.

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