Crab Festival Event Winners

Golf Carf Raffle – Joey Badeaux

2-Step Dance Contest – Billy & Nancy Bouse

Wiener Dog Races – DOG Dottie DoLittle (Laura Rojas-owner)

Gumbo Cookoff – Roy’s Gumbo (Roy & Joanna Alcorn)
Peoples Choice – Tibby’s Voodoo Gumbo (Yvette & Lonnie Lanning)

Washers Tournament, TEAM: Hell, I Don’t Know (Clinton Wenzel & Jeff Pace)

Cornhole Tournament, TEAM: 3 Handers (Cody Jones and Jimmie Avera)

Scavenger Hunt
Rhea Senseney, Miranda Ross, Garrett Jones

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  1. Paulette Layfield says:

    My first wiener dog race and it was hilariously entertaining. Gosh, those doggies were adorable!

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