Dune Restoration in Emerald II

dune0By Brenda Beust Smith
Pictured below, local volunteers, coordinated by property owners in Emerald Beach II, under the direction of Artist Boat, Inc., recently planted native vegetation on beach front Galveston County-owned property in Emerald 2 subdivision. Galveston County acquired the lots by a FEMA HMGP (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program). Now the lots are deed restricted for any future improvements, explained Lee Crowder, Galveston County Regional Operations Manager. “Promoting the natural formation of dunes and dune grasses is one of the best uses for these properties,” Crowder said.


“Artist Boat’s mission is to promote preservation and awareness of the coastal margin and marine ecosystems through science and art,” explained Nathan Johnson, Artist Boat Habitat and Stewardship Program Manager. “We recently began a program in conjunction with the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) called our Stewardship Training Program. It consists of restoring various habitats throughout the Houston/Galveston area with volunteers from the oil and gas industry (their families are welcome too).”

Artist Boat also provides a two-hour educational workshop on Galveston Bay’s uses, ecology, history, economic impact, and future for these participants. During the workshop an Artist Boat staff member gives a brief presentation, a demonstration on non-point source pollution and its harmful impacts to the Bay, and typically a water-color painting demonstration as well.


Artist Boat staffers then take the participants to a restoration site and plant native species of grasses and shrubs to create new habitat for wildlife and restore lost ecosystem function.

“We find that this program is a great way to engage one of the largest industries in the area, to help create an ethic of stewardship and community engagement, and to develop partnerships with passionate individuals,” says Johnson, who can be contacted at Artist Boat, 2627 Avenue O, Galveston, TX 77550; phone: (409) 770-0722; or email: [email protected]

(This article published 6/8/2015)

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