Kids’ Posters

Kids of Bolivar will be displaying their home-made and lovingly crafted “Keep Our Beach Clean” posters. The Big Store is allowing the display for the last weekend of this month, July 25-27 2014. All kids, who wish, can make a poster of poster board and any medium they would like. The purpose is to bring awareness of the destruction our Peninsula is suffering due to reckless and ever-growing litter. No child who becomes involved in this simple project will ever become an adult litterers. Through our children, we can improve our beach.
Thank you, Carlis Danna Cole

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  1. Carlis Cole says:

    Thanks go to our kids of Bolivar, Through the eyes of children, perhaps we adults will learn to protect our most precious natural resource. This Gulf Coast treasure is always being threatened by storms and we can do nothing to prevent these natural occurrences, our most preventable disaster is of our own making. All of us working together and teaching our children that we must protect what we love can stop this assault to our precious beach. Our next generation will not litter, because our generation is not going to take it anymore. Thanks to Our Big Store and for Keith, Tim and all the hard working employees for listening to this hysterical old lady and for allowing our kids the ability to speak out against this blatant path of destruction to our beloved Bolivar. Carlis Danna Cole

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