Our Nation’s Birthday

DOI_0By Ed Riley
The 3rd annual reading of the Declaration of Independence took place at 10 am on Saturday, July 4, on the beach at the Ramada Beach subdivision. Ramada residents, Lamont Meaux, Larry Wolfe and Doc Brown, all veterans of the U.S. armed forces, delivered the reading to a gathering of around 60 people, 2 babes in arms and a number of pets brought along for the occasion. Under blue skies and with the surf rolling in behind the readers, the group of keen attendees of all ages, including an active Marine on furlough, listened to, and focused upon, the words coming their way.


After reading the final, printed words, Larry Wolfe ended the recitation with the following: “On this, the 239th birthday of our nation, if you like your hotdogs, then thank Oscar Meyer; if you like your beer, then thank Anheuser Busch; if you like your freedom, then thank your armed servicemen. Happy 4th of July to everyone.”


(This article published 7/6/2015)

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