Rep. Faircloth opens Crystal Beach office

State Representative Wayne Faircloth held a grand opening of his Crystal Beach office on Saturday with a meet and greet and ribbon cutting. The new office is in the Bolivar Tourism facility, located in the Crystal Beach Plaza. Bolivar homeowner Bill Varner introduced Faircloth with a warm welcome, and said this office is “a place where we as Bolivar citizens can come and not only tell him our issues and our concerns, but hopefully our answers. Nobody knows the solutions to our problems better than we do.” Other elected officials in attendance were US Congressman Randy Weber, Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham, and Precinct 103 Chairman John Speich.

Faircloth thanked everyone for attending, and started by providing an update on the Hwy 87 project. Contract bids are to be sent out in December, and construction will start on or about May of 2018. Thanks to the generosity of the voters, the legislature voted to provide adequate funds to TxDOT to complete this and other highway projects.

He continued by addressing the criticism about his relationship with Texas Speaker of the House. Faircloth said, “all of life is a relationship, all of life. It wouldn’t matter to me if my arch-enemy were Speaker of the House, I would find a way to work with him. People care more about results than they care about rhetoric.” Citing an example about Texas Windstorm reform, he noted “the Speaker has been a friend to Galveston.”

Regarding his election to the State Legislature, “It’s been an incredible privilege'”, said Faircloth.

In closing, Faircloth said, “We want to help grow, to help develop, to help be a part of this community.”


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