The Nutcracker Market

By Georgia Osten
A time-honored tradition – The Nutcracker Market! In November of each year, we look forward to abusing our bodies, feet, minds and souls. It’s more fun than a gaggle of geese, more fun than a marathon! OPEN THOSE DOORS! At 10 am, we’ve waited in line for approximately 30 minutes even though we pre-bought those $25 tickets for a whopping discount of $18! We tailgate to The Nutcracker Market. Yep, when we’re tired, we text each other – TIME FOR A BREAK!!

We all meet back out at the pickup truck. Yes, the one with the Handicap tags – Yes, the one parked right across from the entrance. We pull out our folding chairs and all the pot luck snacks everyone has prepared for the event, along with our own batch of margaritas or bloody mary’s (virgin, of course). A little break and we’re heading back into the madness of Christmas goodies, samples of all that’s good and delicious. And, don’t forget about the lovely adult beverages ready for consumption at the bars set up all over the Reliant Stadium! Did I say “moderately priced” beverages? I DID NOT!

You can always find Leigh at the chocolate toffee counters, you can always find Mel and Barbara at the dip mazes, and you can always find Grandma at a sample coffee counter. We literally wear our cell phones out trying to keep up with one another. That is, until Leigh drops hers in the toilet …

This year, only a few hours ago actually, Barbara asked the lady at the booth “where are the pretzels?” The lady calmly told her these samples were lotion! Oh my gosh Barbara, this is after how many mimosas??


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