Time to Shop

By Georgia Osten
We were invited to stay with The Littles this weekend while the parents went to the Oklahoma v. Arizona football game in Arizona. Camber happens to be an alumnus of OSU and the whole Pearson family never misses a game! Camber said it was 107 degrees in the stands, OUCH! We arrived in Friendswood early enough to meet the kids at the bus stop down the street. Oh, what a fun bunch of guys! These are the 6-year-old twins, Riggs & Fisher, and their 10 year old brother, Pierce.

Their Daddy had to do some work so his flight wasn’t until later Friday afternoon. He ordered a pizza before he left for the kiddos. My husband and I got roped into this Hello Fresh thing. For the first couple of weeks, the meals were affordable. Three meals per week for 2. I should have expected it, but in the 3rd week or 4th, the meals went up significantly. We hate to quit, because they’re so tasty. To tell you the truth, that’s not the only reason I don’t want to quit. The REAL reason is because my husband loves to cook these recipes. He won’t let me near the kitchen! So, tell me, what’s NOT to love about that?!!

We were able to take a week off when we were planning to be on vacation, so I’m thinking of taking maybe every other week off. That way my husband won’t get out of the habit of preparing the meals and we’ll be experiencing those delicious dinners for a long time to come.

That Friday night, we enjoyed the little guys, we swam in their pool, and we watched the Astros v. San Diego, we won! Swim nights mean “no bath” nights – always!

Saturday morning, I was awakened by barking dogs and something the guys were watching on TV. That’s okay, I needed to get up and get ready to shop! My first stop was Home Goods because I was determined to find some new lamps for the living room. Nothing grabbed me there except for 3 new pair of readers – #2’s. Next door, I went to Kirkland’s, where I found my lamps, a new throw and a really cute basket. Once I’ve got the basket home, I have no idea where to put it. I’m not the slightest concerned …

HEB, Sam’s, gassed up the car, oh yeah, Dillard’s, then I was back home by 3:00. The kids were neck deep in Legos and messing up the playroom. They had already been to the bouncy place and Whataburger for lunch. Time to relax and read my book while the millionth football game was on. I’m okay with all that! It means Fall is about to be upon us and I’m way okay with that!

We were out swimming when Leigh & Paul came over on Saturday evening just about the time Chinese was delivered to the house. Our daughter ordered everything on “her account,” with my charge card, after all, We invited them!! As we were all eating our scrumptious take out, I said, “I’d better see this charge on my account!” Typical of this girl, “Mother, you think I’d let you pay for Your Birthday Dinner!?!”

Not only that, but they had a whole box of different flavors of Bundt cakes for dessert! The boys were ecstatic, me too!

What a super weekend! I’m acting like my grandkids, spreading out my birthday for weeks, let’s go for the entire month of September, what do you think?

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