Walking, Stopping, Walking and Pushed!

Charlotte ByusBy Charlotte Byus
Georgia will laugh when she reads this title because she will totally understand where I was. This past week has been very different because I have not been an internet shopper. I got out into the world of the unknown for me and shopped and shopped. Items started coming in at the front door in just a day or two, this is good. Well, until I started opening boxes. Some items were broken, others were too big or small, take your pick. How can you order two pairs of shoes same size, same maker and style and neither fit? Then there was the box from the smiley face company that looked like the delivery guy played basketball with it? The box was filled with glasses, needless to say, most were broken. I am now on a first name basis with UPS return store. The title also has reference to stand in line at said return store.

Plans had been made for weeks for Rene’ and I to go to the Nutcracker Market, we had so much fun at Round Top, let’s try indoors and all in one place. At this point, the title of my story should have started with Parking Then Walking. The NRG planned two events for this weekend, Disney and Nutcracker (not smart). Just getting into the area was like trying to navigate parking for a super bowl. Thank goodness for the trams and the men who drove them, these guys where the best comedians in town. By 9:30, the place was packed, and walking was like being on a tram with no off stops. There were new vendors with really good stuff and yearly vendors you always had to visit. Rene’ and I gave up about 4pm or should I say our feet gave up about that time. With heavy bags in hand, off we headed for the trams, now the closest stop for our car was another fun trip of walking and walking.

We got home safely. I put down all my bags, took off my shoes, wiggled my tired toes and found my WalMart Christmas night shirt. I watched the Aggies win against Mississippi State. Yay!

Have a great week, don’t forget to take the turkey out of the freezer to thaw in the fridge.

[CB: Nov-14-2023]

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