A Most Gala Evening

By Linda Elissalde
Wine! Glitter! Beauty! Happiness! That is what happens when Sicily Meets Texas at BOLIVAR PENINSULA CULTURAL FOUNDATION’S (BPCF) ANNUAL WINE TASTING PARTY. The Moutons’ Villa Oasis served as backdrop for this glittering event. Elinor Tinsley, Vicky Norris, Sandi Covington, Linda Chesser, Marsha Fredenburg, Linda Carole Elissalde, Amy Lail and Ange Scheibel worked together to create a beautiful setting as the Moutons cleaned their villa.

All was ready for for the party at 5:30 on Tuesday, February 6, 2024. Glittering decor was matched by the attendees. Everyone dressed for the occasion. BPCF members provided over the top canapés and desserts. There was so much food, that Bay Vue Methodist enjoyed left overs at Sunday’s Fellowship. Food alone would have made for a fine evening, but the piece de resistance was, of course, the wine tasting.

Bruno & George Winery in Sour Lake, Texas provided the award winning aperitif and dessert raisin wines for the tasting. How Sicilian wines came to Texas is an absorbing saga in itself. You can find the story on GOOGLE. It ought to be made into a movie. Torch bearers Shawn and wife Misha Bruno learned how to make raisin wine. Shawn also helped pass a state law for making and marketing wines from dried fruit legal. Handsome Shawn is cousin to BPCF’s beautiful president Vicky Norris.

Shawn Bruno of Bruno and George Winery, and BPCF President Vicky Norris.

Shawn explained the pedigree of each wine as servers provided a taste for individual offerings. Crackers were available to cleanse palates between sips. It was obvious that folk were quite happy with many of the flavors. People lined up to purchase their favorites after wines had been tested and tasted. Meanwhile, participants added more goodies to their plates.

Happy Birthday to BPCF Treasurer Elinor Tinsley

Then, in marched a group singing ,“Happy Birthday,” to surprise BPCF treasurer Elinor Tinsley. Elinor was celebrating her 65th birthday on February 6. Everyone joyfully added their voices to her celebratory song. AND, there was a really big carrot cake decorated in Charlie Brown style. Mrs. Tinsley is quite a fan of Charlie. She quickly made her wish, blew out the candles and begin sharing her cake.

Delicious wine, glittering outfits, beautiful surroundings and happiness! The BPCF’s Annual Wine Tasting Party was an enormous success. You will want to be a part of such an elegant celebration next year. It was indeed A MOST GALA EVENING!


[LCE: Feb-20-2024]

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4 Responses to “A Most Gala Evening”

  1. Linda Carole Elissalde says:

    Dear Readers,

    My apologies. I need to be more careful. There are two important facts that I failed to mention in this article. Elinor Tinsley’s wonderful daughter Sara Anne Luke helped with all of the decorating. Jeff Butler, Jo Evans, and Carole Chambers won prizes with their winning raffle tickets.

    I am sorry for not including this information as a part of that gala evening.

  2. Elinor Tinsley says:

    To clarify, it is Snoopy that I’ve been most enamored with the past 58 years, but I love all the Peanuts characters!!

  3. Carlis Cole says:

    Thank you BPCF for an outstandingly memorable event. Carlis Danna Cole

  4. Kelly Hover says:

    Looks like an amazing event! Those ladies of the BPCF rocked it! Congratulations!

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