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Thank You, Educators!

By Linda Elissalde
Here’s to the teachers,
The staff and the crew.
We so appreciate
All that you do.
Bay Vue United Methodist Women (UMW) and volunteers expressed gratitude to local educators

The Bolivar Point Lighthouse

Our National Treasure
By Linda Elissalde
What a grand treat when Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Foundation (BPCF) hosted their quarterly membership meeting on the Bolivar Point Lighthouse grounds, April 23 2022. Elinor Tinsley and Vicky Norris created delicious free lunches for new and old BPFC


By Linda Elissalde
An overused adjective results in a most boring and repetitive composition. Writers must be careful when choosing a variety of describing words. However, lovely is the best descriptive choice when writing about Tatiana Feighan’s Bridal Shower hosted by Joy Crenshaw and Tamia Cooper at the home of Joy and Will Crenshaw. There are many

BPCF Spring Art Fest 22

By Linda Elissalde
The weather was a bit overcast, but there was plenty of sunshine underneath Steve’s Landing at the Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Foundation (BPCF) SPRING ART FEST, 2022. Over 25 artists displayed and sold their fine creations. Attendants viewed and bought while enjoying music supplied by Galveston Ukulele Society, Juliet

Thank You


By Linda Elissalde
Thank you to our community
And others who did not miss
The UMW Bake Sale
Of culinary bliss.

Faith and Love

By Linda Elissalde
It was known as, “The House That Doug Built”. Doug Wind designed and with the help of some friends built the house and a fine workshop. Betty Wind created an artistically decorated interior. Planning, designing and constructing was an act of faith and love. Even Hurricane IKE’s flooding and high winds did not destroy the

Victorian, Valentine Tea

“But if you find you have some time, how wonderful if we Could have a little chat and share a cup of Christmas tea.” Tom Hegg
By Linda Elissalde
The invitation wasn’t for a cup of Christmas tea from an aunt, but for A VICTORIAN, VALENTINE TEA from Barbara Gordon McNeill and Friends. It was to be held on

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:21)

By Linda Elissalde
Each year Bay Vue United Methodist Church (UMC) bestows a Person of the Year award to an individual who best exemplifies the Christian spirit of cheerful giving to others. However, two people were tapped to receive this appreciation award for 2021. Elaine Rollfing and George Strong’s faith and help during 2020 and 2021 made them

The Very Best NEW YEAR’S EVE Ever!

By Linda Elissalde
I have observed many New Year’s Eve events. Some were wonderful, and one broke my heart. I have attended, and been in, many weddings. They were all quite lovely. However, 2021 combined New Year’s Eve and a wedding. Not just any wedding, but the marriage of our granddaughter Rachel Katz to Brent Westbrook.

A Very Merry Christmas

By Linda Elissalde
It has been A Very Merry Christmas indeed. Generous friends constantly dropped off gifts. Galveston College Chorale members presented our Christmas program “Shalom” on December 13th. Director Mike Gilbert and pianist Ron Wyatt led the 60 plus performance masked singers through a delightful program resulting in a

GULFWAY MOTEL and RESTAURANT (Not just for the birds)

By Linda Elissalde
The Bolivar Peninsula is internationally famous for its bird population. People travel from all over the world in springtime to view our splendid selections of Aves. High Island even featured in THE BIG YEAR, a comedic take on a fictional contest to see who could find the most birds in one year. Many birders choose to nest at

Praise in the Park

By Linda Elissalde
“We are all God’s adopted children-and one day in Heaven he will be looking back at us.” Michael Feighan
There are special people in our world who bring faith, love and joy into our lives. Sometimes we are lucky enough to meet and become friends with them. One such person is MICHAEL FEIGHAN. Michael is a man of


By Linda Elissalde
“Some jobs change lives. Others save them,” is the motto of Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. Crystal Beach Eagles #3719 and Bay Vue United Methodist Church (UMC) teamed up to sponsor their 8th Crystal Beach Community Blood Drive. Eagle’s L.B. Hunt coordinated the event. Twenty-four intended donors showed up to give blood on

All Were Blessed!

By Linda Elissalde

“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though.
That’s the problem.”
A.A. Milne

A glorious fall day blessed Bay Vue UMC’s annual BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS on

Ellie’s Clever Birthday Plan

By Linda Elissalde
Eleanor (Ellie) Pollard is cute, sweet, talented and very smart. Ellie loves having birthdays, but decided that she preferred to not get older. So, she devised her own birthday plan. Instead of adding a year, she subtracts a year as each celebration rolls around. Imagine becoming younger every year as you grow older. Genius! Husband Tom agrees

Oh, what a beautiful weekend!

By Linda Elissalde
Day 1: The weekend begin Friday morning with a gorgeous sunrise and cool winds that continued throughout the day. The forever young Dr. Wallace Shook turned 96 on September 23, 2021. Wallace and his family celebrated the event on Bolivar Peninsula this week. Dr. Shook showed up on our doorstep at 3:00 PM for his

The Miraculous Mrs. Mary

By Linda Elissalde
Mary Raney was diagnosed with multiple cancers, including lung cancer, in 2018. One prognosis decreed that she had 18 months to live – a prediction that was so wrong. Mary put her health in the hands of good physicians, and her faith in the hands of God. She went through many treatments, tried out experimental methods and continued

Church Chimes

By Linda Elissalde
Bay Vue United Methodist Church (UMC) is truly blessed with magical musicians. Pastor Valerie Hudson is a multi-talented lady. She has a glorious soprano voice, plays guitar, piano and many other instruments. Paulette Layfield can do anything on a piano. Paulette augments pieces with organ, choral and myriad other additions to the

A Family Tradition

By Linda Elissalde
Five generations of the Vinson clan gathered at Crystal Beach on Labor Day Weekend, 2021. Labor Day is a traditional, national holiday. However, this group was on the beach to celebrate a special family tradition. They travel to a different place each year to honor matriarch Earline Phipps Vinson who turned 82 in April. Some past destinations

September 11, 2001

By Linda Elissalde
September 10, 2001:
Marcel picked the best tomatoes from his great vegetable crop in central Pennsylvania. He carefully wrapped each one in paper and gently placed each in a large, cardboard box. We mailed them from Houztdale, PA Post Office to fellow tomato aficionados

Thank You, Second Going Resale Store!

By Linda Elissalde
Nothing stops Second Going Resale Store. Board members Dennis Stafford and Tom Kruft moved away to be closer to families. They are certainly missed. However, Fran Griffin and Jane Loose appointed Esther Sarabia and Paula Alam to the board. The board, along with kind volunteers, create a spot for low priced, quality goods. It continues to be

Three Farewells in One Week

By Linda Elissalde
We celebrated the 46th anniversary of Dr. Melanie and Mack Wallace on August 10, 2021 at 6:00 PM. We joined up with them via our golf carts on the beach halfway between LaFitte’s Landing and Cobb’s Cove. What a delightful setting! Tourists had left. No one was zooming up and down the sand in cart, car, jeep, truck or other gizmos

Happy 80th Birthday, Bob

By Linda Elissalde
SURPRISE! That is exactly what Robert Morgan’s birthday was – at least to Bob. Leave it to his sister Sherry to plan an event – and keep it a secret from her big brother. He expected a few friends to join him at his 80th birthday on July 19, 2021, but not a crowd. There were 21 friends waiting for him at Tiki Beach Bar and Grill. When he

Happy 223rd Birthday to Jane Long

*Jane Long, “Mother of Texas”,
Pioneer Woman brave and true.
Yes, Jane Long was a lady
Who did what she had to do!

(*Last chorus of THE BALLAD OF JANE LONG)

Little Lost Soles

(Composed by Marcel and Linda C. Elissalde
while walking with Emma on the beach.)

The First Anniversary Of Marsha Fredenburg’s 70th Birthday!

By Linda Elissalde
Marvelous Marsha Fredenburg turned 70 on June 27, 2020. That was certainly a cause for grand celebration. However, Mr. Covid-19 threw a spanner into the works. No big birthday party for 2020? What could be done to fix the problem? Husband Moody Fredenburg solved that dilemma by throwing THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF MARSHA

Best Fish to Buy! Bay Vue Fish Fry!

By Linda Elissalde
Bay Vue United Methodist Church (UMC) Fish Fry, 2021, was the most successful of all their successful Fish Frys. Chairperson Elaine Rollfing led her happy, hardworking cadre of volunteers to a magnificent finale. Sandi Covington reported a possible $4000.00 profit. WOW! This is a grand come back after having to cancel the

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