Those Invincible Bay Vue Methodist Women

By Linda Elissalde
Invincible. adjective: incapable of being defeated, overcome, or subdued.
Bay Vue Methodist Women (BMW) definitely proved just how invincible they were on March 16, 2024. President Elinor Tinsley and Treasurer Sandi Covington meticulously planned their annual Bake Sale. This delicious enterprise provides funds for BMW’s charities. Generous volunteers joined numerous Bay Vue members and signed up to provide cookies, cakes and pies. Former Crystal Beach resident Elaine Rollfing created 12 of her famous homemade cakes. Elaine and husband Dennis now reside in Dripping Springs, Texas. Elaine took orders, baked cakes and carefully wrapped them for transport.

BMW had boxes, names of cakes and price tags ready for all the offerings. Publications and church sign proclaimed date and time. More signs were placed around Bolivar. Boxes, tags for type of cakes, pies or cookies along with markers and tape were at the ready. Pat and Elinor Tinsley, Amy and Harvey Lail, Sandi Covington and Moody Fredenburg set up a large canopy near Bay Vue’s Sanctuary doors on Thursday evening. Moody lowered it Friday evening should there be strong wind blasts. What could possibly go wrong?

Weather! Predictions kept changing. Plan B: If rain and gusty wind arrived, the Bake Sale would move into Fellowship Hall. Signs were quickly made directing folk to a new destination. Friday night brought rain and gusty wind. Saturday dawned with volunteers taking down the large canopy, and ladies labeling and setting out goods inside Fellowship Hall. The Rollfings arrived with those famous cakes. Dennis deemed outside looked fine. (Henceforth to be referred to as plan C.) Men and women put two canopies up and loaded their vehicles to transport delectable sweets from hall to parking lot.

When Bay Vue Methodist Women hold their annual bake sale people will come. Folk perused multitudinous choices of 5 star confections. Many attendees bought more than one item. Knowing that monies were for good causes, a lot of folk stated, “Just keep the change.” Wind gusts blew harder, but everyone kept right on selling, and drivers kept coming by for more. Ladies held the covers to keep them in place. Nothing stopped this event until closing time at 1:00 PM. Everyone helped in the clean up. A few unsold items were set on Fellowship Hall tables for members to scan on Sunday.

Bake Sale workers were incapable of being defeated, or overcome, or subdued. Due to their strength and resolve this was one of the most successful Bake Sale ventures in church history. Participants proved that neither gusting winds or driving rain could stop THOSE INVINCIBLE BAY VUE WOMEN!

[LCE: Mar-19-2024]

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  1. Carlis Cole says:

    Absolute Blessings for our Community, Thank you, The Coles

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