Farewell, Paris. Hello Crystal, Beach!

By Linda Elissalde
Farewell to Chanel, Lanvin, and Saint Laurent Style Catwalks of Paris fame. Welcome to Shauna Schroeder and THE SALTY MERMAID’s wonderful Style Show at FOE EAGLES in Crystal Beach. Those Paris unanimated, pale models pale when compared to Salty Mermaid’s presentation. Talented Bob Hibbard served as Master of Ceremonies. Models Suzanne, Belinda, Marsha, Paige, Alle, Jennifer, Donna, Tracy, Sue, Wendy, Joyce, Judi and Brenda trod the walkway with beauty, personality, panache and style. Each received tremendous applause. Salty Mermaid’s fashionable offerings were on display and models received a well earned standing ovation finale.

Shauna Schroeder and Bob Hibbard

Owner Shauna has a degree in fashion. She formerly headed successful boutiques in Houston’s River Oaks and Memorial areas. Now her talents are on display in Crystal Beach. Tastefully decorated FOE 3719 Eagles provided the set up. Delicious charcuteries and desserts were created by Mary and Jim Denys, Beth Appleby, Karen Jewel, Suzy Kirby aka Delores with Lil Bits & S’mores. Attendees were also gifted with three free drinks. A drawing of ticket numbers garnered several folk Salty Mermaid products. When leaving all received a bag that included a special discount card from Salty Mermaid. The discount will go back to FOE Eagles and help in their many contributions to the well being of Bolivar Peninsula.

Gift bag and discount card given to all attendees ~ door prize won by author

It was a gloriously successful evening. In fact, rumor has it that there may be another SALTY MERMAID style show in the spring. Stay tuned for more information as we say FAREWELL, PARIS. HELLO, CRYSTAL BEACH!

[LCE: Nov-21-2023]

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