THANK YOU, Very, Very, Very Much!

(Lyrics from the musical SCROOGE)
By Linda Elissalde
My birthday is February 14. There are some people who claim that I tell this to everyone I meet. (Surely they jest.) In many ways my birthday celebration(s) seem like a musical show. First is the anticipation, then the overture, several acts and a finale. This year my 83rd birthday followed just such a schedule. Although it was to be a small production, it turned into quite an opus. I waited in anticipation for this birthday show.

The overture began in Houston. My dear friend, Yondle Davis, who shares 60 years of friendship and 20 years of world wide traveling adventures, began this year’s festivities on February 8. I traveled to her beautiful Bering St. condo in Houston. Gifts, shopping, gift cards for purchases and lunch in a favorite Italian Restaurant were a most harmonious delight. Thank you.

Overture: Yondle Davis in Houston

Act One: Cards, cards, cards, Emails, texts and phone calls started arriving. Some cards included special surprises. Former peninsula residents gracious Trish and Edith Smith and dear fun, lifelong friends the Popes inclosed delightful and generous surprises along with their correspondence. Paulette Layfield and others delivered entertaining IPhone renditions. Bay Vue Methodist sang a well tuned “Happy Birthday” on Sunday. Thank you.

My husband Marcel started the birthday week with his humongous accumulation of birthday cards. He carefully picks each one out, adds his own comments with artistic drawings, and includes crispy green bills in many. It takes a long time to gather and personalize so many sweet and witty offerings. Thank you always, Sweetheart.

Marcel Elissalde

We were treated to a yummy Tia Juanita’s lunch and gifts by charming Raquel Silverberg and David Tipp. Good food and good visiting closed with Raquel and David singing, ”Happy Birthday.” Then others nearby joined in, and a lovely lady took a video. Thank you.

Raquel Silverberg and David Tipp with Marcel and Linda at Tia Juanita.

Former beach residents Karen and Byron Kelly invite us every year to their Elkins Lake home to celebrate February 14th. The Kellys welcomed us with a birthday theme decorated house. Delicious food, Karen’s outstanding homemade lemon pie, and well chosen gifts created vast enjoyment.

At the home of Karen and Byron Kelly

Their club holds a Valentine dinner/dance, but we call it Linda’s Birthday Party. What a treat! Karen shared that it was my birthday, so a lot of folk sang to me. We enjoyed an elegant meal, and showed members that old folk can still dance – even if not too long. Labrador sisters Pink and Lady Gaga introduced our Emma to Bark Park. She enjoyed my birthday with the Kellys also. Thank you.

Pink, Lady Gaga, and Emma


Next act: Former residents Dr. Melanie Wallace (Master Gardner, actress Jane Long and author of THE BOLIVAR PENINSULA) and Mack Wallace (world renown engineer and Sign Man) rented a front row beach house in Cobb’s Cove.

Next Act: Dr. Melanie and Mack Wallace Party in front row beach rental.

Festivities lasted for 4 days. Gorgeous weather cooperated to make every day sparkle. Byron and Karen drove down to once again add pleasure. The Wallace team made sure that we were comfortable and very, very, very well fed. Saturday night brought the finale for this act when Realtor Mary Ellen Smith, George Strong, Raquel Silverberg, and David Tipp added their charm and cleverness to the event. Another surprise was talking with former beach buddies Betty and Doug Wind via IPad. The group added a celebration for former Marine Byron Kelly. His 78th birthday was on February 25th. More gifts. Along with her myriad talents, Melanie Wallace is a super chef who took culinary classes in Italy and France. Memorable feasts were provided every day. Mack’s red truck made numerous trips to The Big Store. We gratefully took home large containers of 5 star leftovers. Thank you.

Finale: Leave it to Sherry Morgan, Marsha Fredenburg, Elinor Tinsley and Sandi Covington to create a standing ovation finale. LaPlayita was the place, noon was the time, and over 20 wonderful folk showed up to celebrate BD number 83.

Finale Party at La Playita

What gracious, kind and generous friends. Laura Bryon and Betty Williamson drove from out of town. Rita Moseley sent her famous coconut cake. Pastor Valerie Hudson gave the blessing. Elinor Tinsley created exquisite homemade cup cakes and took professional photos. Sherry, Marsha and Sandi kept things running smoothly. Cute and kind birthday cards proliferated along with delightful presents. LaPlayita’s cooks, servers and owner aided in this successful occasion. Well done! Thank you.

The curtain rose one more time after the finale. Brenda Lewis could not make the party so she drove to our home and delivered a basket full of goodies. Thank you.

Brenda Lewis drives over and provides an extended finale.

Thank you is never enough to convey my gratitude to so many friends who did so very much for this birthday. I am sorry if I have left out anyone. Please know that you are included. I cannot think of words to show how blessed and humbled I am by your generosity. So I borrowed some lyrics from the musical SCROOGE. “My unanimous attitude is one of lasting gratitude, and if I had a flag I would fly it”. But since I don’t, I will simply say, THANK YOU VERY, VERY, VERY MUCH!

[LCE: Mar-5-2024]

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  1. Brenda Beust SMITH SAA says:

    Bleep, bleep, BLEEP, BLEEP!!!!

  2. What fun we had! Let’s do it again next year❤️

  3. Happy Birthday to my favorite Birthdsy Girl♥️

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