Ellie Pollard Celebrates a Birthday!

By Linda Elissalde
Just how old is that young looking Ellie Pollard? She claims that she subtracts a year when birthday time rolls around. Last year she was 3, but this year family and friends joined in to throw her an 80th birthday. When asked how old (young) she would be next year, Ellie answered, “I will be 7.” Whatever! Ellie is such a cute and clever lady that she enchants at any age she chooses.

Crystal Beach’s professional photographer Shawna J. King with Rita Moseley and Sheila Ivy Young hosted and created succulent charcuterie boards. Other delicious offerings complimented these arrangements, and Sid Dearing had to mix two enormous rounds of his famous strawberry Margaritas. You cannot have a birthday without a birthday cake. Sheila took care of that with a gorgeously decorated lemon bundt cake that tasted as delicious as it looked. Ellie blew out the candles. The cake was cut. Everyone had to have a slice. Well, some people who shall remain nameless had more that one.

No matter what age Ellie chooses to be she will always be young. Her vibrant personality, youthful demeanor, and happy heart make her a delightful person. Everyone enjoys the pleasure of her company. That is why we look forward to 2024 when ELLIE POLLARD CELEBRATES A BIRTHDAY!

[LCE: Nov-7-2023]

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2 Responses to “Ellie Pollard Celebrates a Birthday!”

  1. Janet Danna says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday Ellie! and many more. =)

  2. Carlis Cole says:

    Happy Birthday Ellie 🎂👍❤️ Carlis

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