Lifeline and POPS work as a Team

By Linda Elissalde
It is amazing what can be accomplished when groups work together for a good cause. Non-profit organizations LIFELINE of Galveston County and PETS OVERPOPULATION PREVENTION SOCIETY (POPS) joined forces. They traveled via ferry on April 30, 2024 to Bolivar Peninsula to provide help for homeless animals. LIFELINE anchors “safety-net” programs for creatures most at risk of dying in county shelters, and assist members caring for community cats. Community cats include feral, outdoor cats and more. Thanks to a grant from Moody Foundation, LIFELINE was able to hire POPS. These are the folk who spay, neuter and ear tip community cats. They also provide rabies shots and FVRCP vaccinations to protect them from 3 contagious diseases. Then the felines are returned to their places of origin. Sometimes these cats are fed by friendly neighbors or form their own groups.

Administrative Director Jennifer Jones, Michelle Alle, Caroline McKenna, Steven Spencer, Cherry Stanley and Kim Scott, along with others, are gracious volunteers for this humanitarian effort. Meeting these fine folk is such a joy because of their happiness and devotion in helping where needed.

Information about their efforts can be found on social media. Thanks to two organizations teaming together, sixty-three (63) feral cats from Bolivar Peninsula were spayed/neutered, given FVRCP vaccinations, rabies shots and ear tipped. That is five (5) more than last year. This proves what can happen when LIFELINE AND PETS OVERPOPULATION PREVENTION SOCIETY WORK AS A TEAM!

[LCE: May-7-2024]

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