Bay Vue Methodist Church Person of the Year 2023

Worthy: admirable, commendable, decent, deserving, estimable, excellent, good, honest, honorable, praiseworthy, reliable, respectable, righteous, valuable, virtuous, worthwhile

By Linda Elissalde
Bay Vue Methodist honors an outstanding church member each year by designating them Person of the Year. Sometimes it is hard to honor only one person because many congregants diligently work for their church and community. 2023 presented that conundrum. So Bay Vue’s Advisory Council decided on not just one, but two, excellent recipients: Fran Griffin and Esther Sarabia.

Marsha Fredenburg presenting the Bay Vue Methodist Church Person of the Year plaque to Fran Griffin and Esther Sarabia

Fran and Esther serve Bay Vue and the Bolivar Community in myriad ways. Fran manages Second Going Resale Store that provides low cost clothing and household items for Bolivar Peninsula. Ms. Griffin is on the Board of Second Going, Bay Vue Administrative Council, Staff Parish Relations Committee Chairperson (SPRC) and oversees Crystal Beach’s Food Truck. Esther is the Council’s recording secretary and church financial secretary. She is treasurer of Second Going Board of Directors and handles register sales many days. Faculty and staff of Crenshaw and High Island Schools are among the beneficiaries from Second Going Shop’s profits.

Both of these women handle many assignments, but more than that, they do it joyfully. Fran and Esther often work as a team to achieve their honorable and virtuous goals. They delight in helping others. Therefore, Fran Griffin and Esther Sarabia are most certainly deserving and worthy recipients of 2023 BAY VUE METHODIST CHURCH’S PERSON OF THE YEAR!

[LCE: Dec-19-2023]

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