YES! Bolivar Definitely Has Talent

By Linda Elissalde
President of Bolivar Peninsula Cultural Foundation (BPFC) Vicky Norris believed that residents of Bolivar Peninsula deserved a format for displaying their talents. Her enthusiasm resulted in BOLIVAR’S GOT TALENT. The association held open auditions, and seven acts were accepted for competition. First prize – $100; Second prize – $75; Third prize – $50. Various non-competing presentations were included. Jose’s Cantina provided a venue along with delicious food. Old and new members received two free drink tickets while others visited the cash bar.

Could a talent show be a success? Would anyone come? These questions were answered when a huge crowd entered Jose’s back room. It was certainly SRO. There were over 95 people packed into Jose’s entertainment area. Many attendees joined BPFC that very night. Jose and staff did their usual fantastic job of keeping the food coming as everyone lined up for refreshment.

What about the show? President Vicky welcomed everyone and held a short business meeting. Texas renown director, Bob Hilliard, opened the show performing his own composition accompanied by multitalented Paulette Layfield. It was an immediate hit. Then out marched Krazy Kazoos (BPCF’s officers and board members) Sherry Morgan, Elinor Tinsley, Vicky Norris, Ange Scheibel, Sandi Covington and Linda Chessor. Ta! Da!

All acts received well deserved applause. Bay Vue Methodist Ding-A-Lings, Jeff Butler& Larry Skiles, Billy Anglin, Pastor Valerie Hudson, Jewels Gibson, Richard Thompson and Stevin Marsh amazed and entertained with grand aplomb.

Guests received a card containing names of contenders. They had to circle one favorite. Sounds simple, but you really thought hard to vote for only one act among such outstanding contenders. Finally came that eagerly awaited announcement. First place, Jewels Gibson; Second place, Stevin Marsh. Third spot, Ding-A-Lings, won in a close race with Jeff Butler& Larry Skiles. President Vickie Norris provided a fantastic finale with her professional belly dance. What a delightful evening!

Now that it has been discovered what superb talent lives on Bolivar Peninsula, the BPFC is thinking there might be another Bolivar’s Got Talent show. Vicky Norris was correct. YES! BOLIVAR DEFINITELY HAS TALENT!


[LCE: Dec-19-2023]

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  1. LCE says:

    Thanks go to Bill Dodson for his fine photography. He covered Bolivar’s Got Talent very well.
    With gratitude,

  2. Kelly Hover says:

    How fun! Congratulations everyone!! BPCF is such a wonderful organization.

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