Mary Ellen Smith returns

By Linda Elissalde
The Bolivar Peninsula is very proud of former citizen Mary Ellen Smith. She was the first Bolivar Realtor to serve as President of the Galveston Association of Realtors (GAR). ME, as her friends call her, moved here in 1983. After several successful ventures she became a licensed Real Estate Agent and then a Broker. Eventually ME became the Broker/Owner of Mary Ellen Smith Realty, Inc (ME Realty). She is still in business even though ME now lives in Richmond, Texas. This iconic realtor made one of her frequent Bolivar Peninsula trips to check on property and visit with some old buddies.

She invited friends Marcel and Linda C Elissalde to meet her at Hardheads on January 17. Of course the Elissaldes accepted her invitation and joined Mary Ellen at 12:00 pm. It was meant to be only lunch, but extended into the afternoon. What a grand time was had by all. Caden Perea (Server Extraordinaire) set the tone by welcoming, seating, providing needed information and making sure the trio was warm and happy.

As the afternoon progressed more and more folk begin arriving. Piquant doggie Clarabelle added entertainment to bar customers. Youngsters created that special comforting family feeling. Among cheerful customers were three lovely and delightful ladies celebrating a friend’s birthday. Mary Ellen made the rounds to visit with everyone.

It was like old times on the peninsula when folk visited together, and everyone enjoyed each others company. Food, frivolity and good service! ME, Marcel and Linda stayed far longer than they had intended. Why not? It was a special occasion after all. It is always a special occasion when MARY ELLEN SMITH RETURNS FOR LUNCH!

[LCE: Jan-30-2024]

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