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Charlotte ByusBy Charlotte Byus
I know I have been absent for several months and I apologize. You see, I have been abusing myself for well over 40 years. It is called gardening. It involves picking up items (I knew better) such as 50 lbs. of rocks, and pots full of plants that were way too heavy. I have had pain in my back that I have ignored way too long. It got to the point that I could not sit, stand, or bend without pain. I have been to doctors and PT visits, then I tried a chiropractor and a massage therapist. Finally, I received some relief. Now, I can sit in a chair long enough to tell you about a fabulous adventure I have been on. The ICON of the SEA.

My friend, Janet, is a cruise travel agent and she was invited to sail on the maiden voyage for three nights on the Icon. Her invitation included one guest – all expenses paid!! She invited me, which means I had some work to do just to stand for five minutes, much less walk on the beautiful ship.

I did it! Robbie and I have been sailing on cruises for many years and we have enjoyed every one of them. I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful this ship is. Just walking onto this ship, I know my mouth was wide open in total unbelief. Our room was an inside balcony overlooking the promenade two decks below us. Everywhere I looked were fresh flowers, some of the walls had fresh ivy hanging on them.

There of over 20 places to eat, from buffet to elegant, stops at every turn for a beverage, from kids drinks to adults’ items. I must say, I did not have one bad drink or bad food, all were exceptional!

We cruised to Coco Cay and spent the day at Royal’s private island where you could play in the surf and an unbelievable pool. Their entertainment was truly the best. There was an ice-skating show, high diving, and the comedians were actually funny.

Now for the special part, the employees of the Icon, waiters, bartenders, cleaning crew and every person who works on the ship were invited to enjoy all the festivities. How many other employers have you ever heard of doing this?

I spent a lot of time depending on my crutch, but every minute was beautiful, and I can’t wait to sail on this ship again!

[CB: Jan-30-2024]

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