Celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversaries

By Linda Elissalde
Barbara and Alan McNeill & Sally and Howard Nichols combined their celebration of 60 years of marriage with a grand party. Local and out of town family and friends joined the two couples at Amelia Farm and Market on April 13, 2024 to honor their years of wedded happiness. Lovely decorations, family photos, delicious food and drink, along with tuneful dance music by Rainy Kimbrough and Company, were added pleasures. Guests mingled and visited. Then all devoured slices from two beautiful, tasty wedding cakes. Folk were busy quizzing groups to see if they knew each other, or remembered each other, while gleefully talking of fond memories. These celebrating couples were born and reared in Beaumont, Texas. They stayed in their hometown where each one contributed much to their local community.

Alan McNeill, Barbara McNeill, Sally Nicholas, Howard Nicholas

The couples also share ties with the Bolivar Peninsula. Barbara Gordon McNeill’s family owned The Breakers. The Breakers, built in 1915, stood proudly through many storms until Hurricane IKE devastated it in 2008. An historical marker honoring the house is on Jane Long Memorial Highway. Alan, Sally and Howard grew up spending many happy hours on the peninsula’s beach.

Party visiting and fun never stopped. However, galas finally have to end. Hugs, kisses and promises to “stay in touch” closed this magnificent gathering of two couples who were joyously CELEBRATING THEIR 60TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES!

Gay Thames with Linda Elissalde

[LCE: Apr-23-2024]

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