Ahoy Matey…

This room is a dream for any little boy! If you like nautical, this is about as nautical as you can get. This same look could be made with white platform beds like the ones sold at Pottery Barn. The bed is basically a platform with drawers. The sails at the end of the beds can be made with dowels bought from any home goods store. Making a triangle from canvas and attaching to the dowels make a fun sail for any child. This room is decorated in good old red white and blue with a bit of green thrown in for interest! Anyone that is the least bit handy can copy this cute idea! I can only imagine the wonderful dreams that any child would have in this room with the sound of waves outside their window.

Recycle while making
something beautiful

This is the perfect project to use up all of those pieces of candles you have left and have not gotten rid of. You can even use a scented candle and melt it down. Microwave the wax in 30 second to 1 minute intervals, gently swirling the wax in between heatings. You should use a pot-holder to handle the bowl. In the meantime, take the shells and prop them up/steady them. I used rice on a plate to support them so they don’t tip over. Insert the wicks (available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels) make sure to use a bit of wax on the bottom of the wick so it will stay in the middle of the shell. Then carefully pour the hot wax into the shells. Much cheaper than buying them at the high end stores and this way you can choose the shells you use. Remember, the wax is hot and can really burn you so take care and use a hot pad. Enjoy and make a beautiful centerpiece using the seaglass as a base for your summer table!

(this article was first published on April 30, 2013)


What is “BEACH CHIC”? A design style comprised of a combination of clean lines and organic finishes that work together to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The color scheme is inspired by the beach and the natural environment of sun, sea and sand!

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