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The Texas Crab Festival is a celebration of the great music, art and food of the Texas Gulf Coast…and great events. Starting with the Texas 2-Step Dance Contest on Friday Night to the challenging Scavenger Hunt on Sunday afternoon, visitors can have a ton of fun at the festival. Below are the winners of the various events:

Golf Cart Raffle Winner

Collin Walker

Texas 2-Step Dance Contest

FIRST-Vincca Quesada & LouAnn Csalini

SECOND-Jason & Kim Bennett

THIRD-Christy Sandy & Partner

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Kids Media Contest
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Wiener Dog Races

FIRST-Paco; Owner: Sandra Lundy

SECOND-Oscar Mayer; Owner: Erica Lloreda

THIRD-Little; Owners: Heather Carman and Lee McBrien

Crab Gumbo Cookoff

FIRST- Team: Pot Lickers, Chef: Drew Dubois

SECOND- Team: Bobos Gumbo, Chef: Tony Grahmann

THIRD- Team: Select Cookers, Chef: Brent Reid

PEOPLES CHOICE- Team: Crab Daddys, Chef: Russ Skillman

Washers Tournament

FIRST-Ben Devillier & Scott Richards

FIRST-Ben Devillier & Scott Richards

THIRD-Bradley Franks & Bryce Trahan

Cornhole Tournament

FIRST-Randy Moffat & John Drake

SECOND-Jackie Mladenka & Jim Hartford

THIRD-Paige Labrier & Mark Liddell

Scavenger Hunt

FIRST-Pattie Strimple Gilmore; SECOND-Barbara Hornback Lee; THIRD-Reel Bolivar Fishing

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