Are you a Collector?

By Cindy Clay Srader
Do you always see just one more thing you “need” to add to your collection? Well, join my club. When I fall in love with something, I have a hard time stopping and I really hate to hide my treasures. Here on Bolivar we can find treasures to collect every day. I would love to see some pictures of yours. “Art is in the eye of the beholder!” A familiar phrase but so true when it comes to making a house a home. In the picture to the left there is a colorful array of fish plates all in the same color! What a beautiful way to use a collection as well as bring life to your walls. Do you collect antique fishing reels or rods? Put in the right position on your walls they become art. To ensure your grouping works for your space, lay it out on the floor first to make sure you know the right location and how they will fit. Use your imagination and take those beauties out of hiding. Looking forward to more pictures on what you have “taken out of hiding” so the rest of us can enjoy!

“HOW TO” …

Most of us have some seashells we have collected and they end up in a box or can. People come to my house and say laughingly, “Don’t stand still or Cindy will glue a shell on you!” I do have a lot of shells in my house but that is just my way of bringing what is outside my window in. In the How To section today I will show you some simple ways to make your own candle holders with your found treasures. You will first need a cylindrical vase. These can be purchased at many stores that also sell flower arranging tools such as , Hobby Lobby, Michael’s etc. You may also have something like this in a cabinet. In fact a lot of flowers that are delivered are delivered in vases like this. You will also need some small rope or heavy twine. Starting at the bottom wrap the glass vase with the rope/twine first gluing one end with either hot glue or E6000. Once that is pretty dry, start wrapping around the vase until you reach the desired height on the vase. Make sure you glue the rope/twine each couple of inches as you go so you have good adhesion. When you have this step completed fill the vase with your shells or seaglass. You can even use a combination of the two. If you are going to use a votive candle make sure you put it in a small glass container and hide it within the filling. I like the new battery operated votives because of the safety and lack of mess. Enjoy your beautiful candle holders and make sure you tell people, “I did it myself!”

(rerun on 12/2/2014, this article was first published 7/22/2013)

Live for the warmth of the sun on your face, the sand in between your toes and the taste of saltwater on your lips.

What is “BEACH CHIC”? A design style comprised of a combination of clean lines and organic finishes that work together to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The color scheme is inspired by the beach and the natural environment of sun, sea and sand!

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