Barefoot Living, By B.

Well here are a few things
I have run across
while looking online.



We all have one. Why not frame your flat screen?


If you have a two story house, what do you do with that space under the stairs, besides make a sleeping nook? Or, a lovely place for your pets!


Space saving ideas. Stair storage.


Small bathroom design under stairs for short people. Putting the toilet on the other side makes more sense.


Love the pocket doors….and an end cabinet. This is perfectly handy.


A ledge above the washer/dryer to keep stuff from finding their way back there! … Office space can be a closet in the hallway.


Great use of space in the bathroom.


And finally, for that room you want to add on after your house is built. Did I say that out loud?











Today is Sunday and I am going to paint something. Have a blessed day.

As always thanks for letting me share.

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2 Responses to “Barefoot Living, By B.”

  1. B. w/Home by the Sea says:

    Yes. It’s called Home by the Sea and isn’t too far from the Big Store.

  2. Nelda Scott says:

    Do you have a retail store in Crystal Beach?

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