Barefoot Living, By B.

Have you noticed I have been MIA lately? I am not sure if you remember, but a couple of months ago when I was exploring Galveston, I met some lovely people (who knocked me out with their amazing talent for reinventing just about everything). Anyway, one of those lovely ladies, Shirley, invited me to join her and some friends in setting up a new / vintage / upcycling / recycling shop in Galveston. Say what? I think I died and went to heaven.

While they were setting up shop I was out looking for a vintage bed to display bedding and some vintage furniture to bring to the shop. Well, Flea by the Sea is now open at 26th St. and Market! I stopped by on Saturday to see what was happening and took some pics to share with you. Hope you will make it one of your stops when looking to buy one of a kind items for your beach house.

'Flea by the Sea' at 26th and Market in Galveston

Shoppers from Jamaica Beach

When you walk in the door

Shirley and Amy (...we see you James)

Painted furniture

There is a nice line of gauzy tops and jewelry, too

Gorgeous chairs with Tommy Bahama fabric and matching pillows

This is my space

Pics don’t do it justice.

Once again thanks for letting me share.

B. w/ Home by the Sea
2570 Highway 87
Crystal Beach, TX

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  1. Jamie dykes says:

    B that is so funny. I stopped by Flea By The Sea, a couple of weeks ago. I Loved It. Told my husband who was with me, that I thought I saw a few of your things in there. Great shop. We bought a couple of things. Loved the light made with the big funnel. We will be back. Thanks Jamie

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