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Meet your neighbors. Sometimes I will ride my bike to the shop (Yes, I know we haven’t been open most of the winter.) and I am always drawn to turquoises houses. Well, Jill and Mike have a beautiful turquoise house with coral shutters and doors. It also has a screened in porch. What is not to like about that house? So I knocked on the door and they were kind enough to let me take pics to share with you.


Love the brightly painted furniture on the porch.

Here is Jill in the Kitchen. The room, the kitchen island, the space behind the glass cabinets and the walls are turquoise!

Look at the backsplash! ...and the beautiful chandelier.

Here's Mike lounging.

Love the wall art. Jill's boss took this pic while on vacation and she had it copied on canvas.

Custom bunk beds sleep lots of kiddos.

The surfboard was decoupaged by Jill and her friend Debbie...she also decoupaged the surf letters.

These pics lived in my shop for a while...they now reside in their guest bedroom.

The master bedroom is bright and airy.

Adore the upcycled vintage dresser.

Thanks Jill and Mike for letting me into your home.

Thanks for letting me share. I you want to see more follow me on Pinterest.
B w/ Home by the Sea
2570 Hwy. 87
Crystal Beach, TX

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