Barefoot Living, By B.

Meet Scottie Ketner, owner of Le Chat Noir located at 43rd and S in Galveston. She is my upcycle, recycle mentor.




I love everything about this shop starting with the floors. I think Scottie repurposes every piece in her shop.




The steal of the day was the 7 ft long British West Indies day bed for $350.


Need something to wear for Dickenson on the Strand? She also has a fully stocked costume shop in the back. If you aren’t in the market for furniture or costumes, she also carries organic line of soaps that her son created.


Oh, there’s Scottie. Scottie has been at this location for 8 years, part time before Ike and full time after Ike.


(published 8/26/2014)

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B w/ Home by the Sea
2570 Hwy. 87
Crystal Beach, TX

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