Barefoot Living, By B.

DIY outdoor daybeds





ZZZZZZ. Oh, hello. Just daydreaming.

I believe in you. Crystal Beach has the most creative, hands on DIYers in Texas.

I asked Aron to make me a daybed and this is what he did. Pretty cool, huh?

(published 10/21/2014)

As always, thank you for letting me share.

B w/ Home by the Sea
2570 Hwy 87
Crystal Beach, TX 77650
Open Sat./Sun.

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  1. STEVI GREGORY says:


    These ideas are amazing, this would be a great business for someone to start, for us less crafty, and people who do not have any extra time to do anything to buy from. hahaha

    These are all beautiful ideas. Thank you for sharing.

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