Bright and Light Color

By Cindy Clay Srader
Color, color everywhere! Living in Crystal Beach, the overall look of the landscape has changed dramatically since IKE. The new homes going up are not only beautiful but have a wonderful array of colors. When I drive down Hwy 87, it almost feels like we are living in Bermuda or the Bahamas. I love the look and feel of these homes. Today’s room shows how easy it is to bring the color inside without being overwhelmed! Anyone that has been to my house knows how much I like color. Many people would not want to have brightly colored walls but still want to add that punch and fun we all love at the beach. In this room, there are several elements I love for a beach home. Notice the walls are panelled in horizontal wood. This brings the casual look that many are looking for and painted white goes with anything. Color is brought into this room with beautiful painted furniture in bright hues that all compliment each other. Notice the bar stools and coffee table. Each of them are different but add a great pop of color. Using furniture slip covered in white denim or white duck fabric is very durable and washable. My couch has a white slipcover and it is so easy to wash and use bleach if I have too. It always looks new again. People thought with 3 dogs I was crazy, but I love the look and know I can get it clean. With this style, flea market or “junk” shop finds can be painted and look new again! If these colors are not your taste or you get tired of what you have done, a simple change of pillows and another coat of paint and you have a completely new look!

“HOW TO” …

I love this idea for a seashell. It can be used as a placeholder or napkin ring. When walking our beaches you will find many of this type of shell. What fun to try to find shells that are about the same size and “perfect”. When you have the shells you want to use, clean them real well and let them dry. Once the inside has had a chance to dry well, use chalkboard paint to paint the inside of the shell. Put at least 3 coats of paint on the shell and let it dry overnight. Using chalk, either white or your favorite color, write the initial of the person that will be sitting in that place, if it is large enough you may be able to write their name. Placing this in the middle of your place setting or even in front of it makes a great statement and brings the beach inside. If you prefer to make napkin rings, find some ribbon that goes well with your décor. Use a heavy ribbon, wired ribbon works very well. Using your trusty E6000 glue, glue the center of the ribbon onto the back of the shell. Tie it around your napkin with a pretty bow with your guests initial and sit back and listen to the comments! I would also use this to hang on my beverage jars with tea in them. One would have R for unsweet regular tea and the other S for sweat tea to designate the type of tea. Remember to always make sure you tell people, “I did it myself!”

Live for the warmth of the sun on your face, the sand in between your toes and the taste of saltwater on your lips.

(rerun on 11/18/2014, this article was first published 7/2/2013)

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