Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, 3-30-2021

By Captain Bryan Brawner
Two fronts a week are the norm lately leaving limited windows to get out on the water. Hang in there because our weather pattern will stabilize and this year is shaping up for some of the best fishing conditions in years with salinity at normal levels in East Bay and bait fish plentiful. For those that have taken my class, expect the normal locations for beginning spring bite especially as the water warms up a little more. Don’t forget to take advantage of your class support before planning a fishing trip.

Some of the extreme tide levels last week made for a tougher bite and moved the fish around some, from right up by the shoreline on high bull tides to back out on deeper shell when the outgoing tides ripped out.

We are still moving up and rescheduling some classes due to foul weather conditions but have some availability towards the end of April now.

While the the north wind continues to howl, take advantage of excellent surf fishing on Bolivar beaches. With the water blown out slick the beaches are wide. Reds, black drum, and whiting are all biting good now in the surf.

As the weather stabilizes, there will be a lot more days that we will be able to run classes as we cover all areas on the bay and don’t need wind pumping out of any one direction. I have a few days still available for classes between the end of April and mid May now and some weekdays available for fishing charters.

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This time of year we can run trips where the whole family can be successful with a large variety of fish. Email for questions and availability. Now is the time to book an East Bay Class with the prime fishing just around the corner.

For exact fishing locations and techniques, I am conducting one-on-one classes of the Galveston East Bay System. We will spend a half-day trip exploring that bay and the techniques and timing of fishing there. Bring your hand-held GPS and a map and note pad and I will further your knowledge of the bay and patterns for fishing in all of the seasons of the year. These classes include everything from locations to tackle and lure selection; thus have a lot of content. So, I limit them to 2 persons max at a time. Call 409-256-1265 for more information. We cover a lot of area and burn a lot of gas.

Text or call 409-256-1265 for availability of trips and to reserve your fishing adventure.You can also e-mail me [email protected] for updated fishing conditions and trip availability.

Check my website for prices and more information.

Captain Bryan Brawner

[March 30, 2021]

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  1. Steve Orsak says:

    I am interested in your class learning east bay better. What is the cost and can you let me know the dates in late April which have openings? Thanks

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