Captain Bryan’s Fishing Report, May-June 2023

Captain Bryan BrawnerBy Captain Bryan Brawner
Challenging conditions have returned to East Bay as a result of the recent flooding leading to an extremely low salinity level in a significant portion of the bay. Consequently, the trout population, which was slowly recovering, will be forced out of East Bay once again, seeking refuge in areas like the surf, jetties, and Galveston West Bay. Several years ago, I wrote an article discussing the potential effects of the closure of Rollover on fishing and overall water conditions in the bay. While I held a cautious sense of optimism at the time, the closure of Rollover, combined with changes in the watershed, erosion, and development, has severely damaged the bay’s overall health. Hopefully it can be turned around in time.

Redfish should remain good in the western end of East Bay around rocks, marsh inlets and lakes, and toward the ship channel.

When the wind is down and the surf is green, the Bolivar and Crystal Beach surf should be loaded with fish. Early mornings are good for gold spoons and traditional Mirror Lures. Live croaker and live shrimp will be good when available. Additionally, big sharks and redfish can be caught in the surf also from High Island to Bolivar. Look out for signs of bait and bird activity along with slicks to choose a likely spot. Miss Nancy’s Bait can steer you to the best bait and areas for catching a big one in the surf.

By boat, the specks should be good at the jetties along with Spanish mackerel and big sheepshead. My favorite bait by far in that area for specks is free lined live shrimp using a split shot appropriate for the current. You want to fish during a light tide or the beginning of a tide movement. Crank baits and swim baits can be good for redfish schooling close to the rocks.

For the remainder of Galveston Bay, Report from Captain Steve Brown- +1 (713) 724-9939: West Bay is holding fish on the south shore line with results better wading than drifting. Some fish are being caught over mid bay shell keying on slicks. Lots of reds are mixed in with the trout. Nothing out of East or Trinity. Lots of fresh water. A few fish are showing up in Clear Lake drifting mud and shell. Live Shrimp is best but plastics are working also.

Those that know me are aware that I have moved to Lake Conroe and am offering guide services and classes there. I intend to keep up this report relevant and current though years of experience and input from professional guides like Captain Steve Brown and Captain Alan Hall.

For my long time local clients, save the traffic and headaches of going across the ferry. Take the short drive to Lake Conroe for some of the best eating fish in Texas. Lake Conroe is one of the cleanest lakes and has never had an advisory on eating fish. Even the blue cats are delicious!

Something is always biting. We target hybrids, bass, crappie and catfish. Check my website for specials throughout next year. I update it regularly. There is always something to catch year round here!

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