Dodging the Hailstorm

By Georgia Osten
The 39th Texas Crab Festival blew into town on Friday afternoon under cloudy skies. We kept watching the weather all weekend, praying we wouldn’t have a gully washer like last year. No way were we going to let Roger Creager go home without entertaining us again this year! What a super show! I guess I’d never heard of him or heard his music, but I was determined to stay to the bitter end to see him gosh darn it! After the boisterous Texas Flood, Roger was a wonderful mellow breath of fresh air. We were invited up to Gerry’s skybox to have a bird’s eye view of the whole concert. Camber, my daughter-in-law, knew the words to all his songs, I found my favorite immediately – Everclear! “She took it pretty hard, He left Sherry Ann laying in the yard!”

We had already shut down the Silent Auction, packing everything in my car for the night, ready to unpack again in the morning for the final hours of the Auction. The Auction consisted of donations from many of our unique Vendors. Terrie & Donna assisted in setting up everything and tearing down everything after Friday & Saturday evening. It takes a team, and I had the best! What a blast this year to have Terrie ramrodding the “Vendor Challenge.” She’s a tough cookie, hope you Vendors are ready for next year. No shenanigans …

This was the best Auction in my history. Looks like we’re going to hit just shy of $7,000 this year!

The entire Festival was a hit! The weather was a bit threatening which caused many of our vendors to pack up early. I think the weather affected the attendance on Sunday as well. As it turned out, Sunday was the most beautiful day out of the 3-day weekend. I’ve heard nothing but praise and gratitude from the guests.

Thank you all for coming. Thanks for the Good-Weather Prayers!

Like I said before, It Takes a Team and we’ve got the best ingredients around! Thanks to all the volunteers. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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One Response to “Dodging the Hailstorm”

  1. So great to finally meet you, Georgia! Major congratulations to you, Tom, Dennis and the scores of other fine folks that made this special event happen. The selfless dedication you guys have poured into this labor of love for so many years does not go un-noticed.

    Immeasurable thanks for your many hours of hard work, perseverance and meticulous attention to the endless number of details of such a huge undertaking. The great hope is that the torch will eventually be passed to someone with the passion and capability that you guys have. Now that’s a tall order!

    Enjoy your much deserved rest, dear. See ya on the beach! 😎

    ~~ Johnny

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