Elegance by the Waves!

CS_2014-1028-0By Cindy Clay Srader
A Little of This and a Little of That
Here is another eclectic room that is more in the shabby chic style! Many of us building a beach home as a second home may not have the resources to shop for new furniture. Over the years I have shown you several ways to make use of found items and junque shop buys. This dining area is white walls and mostly white furniture. This is the perfect backdrop for anything you may “find” in your treasure hunting. That is most of the fun, finding those jewels for very little money and making them your own. Notice that most of the chairs do not match. In fact the green chair was probably left “as is” and just cleaned up. The rectangular table could be in almost any condition, but by using this washable tablecloth all you see is a beautiful backdrop for any meal.


The centerpiece is a glass jar with some flowers, but for longer stemmed flowers the galvanized French market bucket would be beautiful. I really like the use of the three white industrial lamps over the table. As you add or change your style, these will go with anything. Shabby Chic may not be your style, but as you grow in your new home, change can be made easily. Until then, this style is fun to create and easy to live with! Who knows, this may give you a completely different viewpoint in decorating your new home. Who says what is right or wrong in decorating? You do. It is your home so once again, think out of the box, make your home uniquely yours and enjoy!

How to: Make a Thanksgiving Pumpkin Without Carving

This is almost as easy as the one with painting the pumpkins! Find a paper napkin that has a design on it that will fit with your color or Holiday theme. CS_2014-1028-2All you need to do is use white Elmers glue to brush on the pumpkin in the area you will work in. When using a pattern like in the picture, put a thicker white napkin on first so the pattern will show better. Once the white napkin is dried, place the patterned napkin on the pumpkin brushing more glue on top. The glue will dry clear and you will have something that will go perfect on your table. If you prefer, fabric can be used in the same manner and solid color napkins work as well! Enjoy your Holidays and please bring Beauty to our world, one smile at a time!

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