Elegance by the Waves

CS_2014-1014-0By Cindy Clay Srader
Tropical Elegance
This very eclectic room could be almost anywhere. Using bright white makes this room about the furniture and accessories! Painting the rafters and the floors white unifies the room, lending a feeling of a light filled seaside cottage. The white daybed with a blue and white cover on the mattress being used as a sofa, brings the color of the ocean in. Notice the bamboo floor lamp and statues in the room that have artificial leis. One of the statues seems to be storage for a sun hat in front of a wall of bird pictures. There is simplicity in this room that makes it elegant.


Adding everything from antiques or your favorite rug can just enhance the overall feel of your room. I love the palm in the blue and white cachepot. Who says what is right in decorating? You do. It is your home so once again, think out of the box, make your home uniquely yours and enjoy!CS_2014-1014-2

How to: Make Halloween Pumpkin Beach Balls

Probably the easiest thing you will ever make! Just for fun, you can paint your pumpkins to look like beach balls! Not traditional at all but really cute and will make your beach Halloween one they will never forget! The children would have a great time doing this without having to worry about sharp knives. Enjoy!

(published 10/14/2014)

Cindy Srader can be contacted at [email protected] or 832-877-2360

What is “BEACH CHIC”? A design style comprised of a combination of clean lines and organic finishes that work together to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The color scheme is inspired by the beach and the natural environment of sun, sea and sand!

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