Entergy’s Generosity Brings Relief from Summer Heat to Bolivar Peninsula Residents

Entergy, our local electricity provider, is once again demonstrating its commitment to the community by gifting fans to those in need. Last Wednesday, 75 fans were delivered to Crystal Beach Community Church (CBCC), which will coordinate their distribution to help residents beat the summer heat. This generous initiative is greatly appreciated, as it provides essential relief to many vulnerable individuals.

Jim Malain (Entergy), Brenda Flanagan (Bolivar Chamber of Commerce), Michelle Armstrong (Entergy), Shauna Williams (Bolivar COC), Tammy Miller (CBCC)

Expected temperatures on Bolivar Peninsula this summer are forecasted to be particularly high, with consistent highs in the 90s. Historically, the region has experienced severe heat, with summer temperatures often reaching dangerous levels. Last year, temperatures peaked at 98°F, highlighting the importance of such community support efforts.

Entergy’s continued generosity helps ensure the safety and well-being of our residents, making a significant difference in their daily lives.


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