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Get ready to bundle up and dust off those snow shovels because the winter of 2023-2024 is predicted to bring a chilly twist to the party! Thanks to this year’s El Niño and the polar vortex tag team, we’re in for a winter wonderland extravaganza. Picture this: normal to colder-than-normal temperatures that’ll have you swaddled in blankets like a cozy burrito and have you reaching for that extra sweater you got from your grandma last Christmas. Hold onto your hot cocoa because southern areas like the Deep South, Texas, and even California might just get an unexpected dousing of wetter and cooler-than-usual weather too.

In any case, it appears that Texans are in store for yet another cold winter, similar to last year. While it looks like precipitation levels will remain slightly below average, the hope is that an extreme winter storm event, like the “Great Freeze” that caused a massive electricity failure across Texas in February 2021 shouldn’t happen again this year. Expect the coldest periods to occur in early and late December, again in early and late January, followed by one last cold spell in mid-February. There may be no pairing of snowflakes and turkey for Texans this year, but you will definitely need that extra Christmas sweater during your errand runs wherever you are in the Great State!

But before you go out and buy new ski jackets or a snow plow, you have to recognize that weather and climate predictions are often wrong. Even the two leading weather prediction guides, the Farmers’ Almanac and The Old Farmers’ Almanac, can’t fully agree on the 2023-2024 Winter Prediction.

The Farmers’ Almanac claims to maintain a 80-85% accuracy in its annual predictions, but even their complex and proprietary prediction model outright misses unforeseen factors or is easily influenced by not fully understood climate change impacts.

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