Ghost Shrimp

Have you ever been fishing at the beach and you run out of bait? You wish you had live shrimp? Well, do as Jamie Greer does and capture Ghost Shrimp, using a special sand pump, called a “slurp gun”. Look for the small burrow holes near the water’s edge…you’ve seen them before. Place the slurp gun over the burrow hole and pull the handle. The sand is sucked up into the barrel. Pull the pump out and push the handle back down to expel the sand, and hopefully a ghost shrimp. Repeat a few times in the same hole if need be.

You’ve probably seen these ‘mini-volcanoes’ on the beach…these are ghost shrimp borrows

Jamie Greer using a slurp gun to capture Ghost Shrimp

Many ghost shrimp burrows have multiple entrances and exits. If you haven’t got the shrimp out in three or four pumps, move on. Be sure to have a small container with some mud and saltwater to keep your shrimp.

Ghost Shrimp are one of the best baits for all species that swim the surf.

You can build your own slurp gun for about $15 worth of supplies. CLICK HERE.

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department does regulate the taking of Ghost Shrimp. You need a fishing license with a saltwater stamp, and the possession limit is 20. Manually operated sand pumps are legal.

For more information, go to the TPW WEBSITE.

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