Hardheads Bull Red Tournament

By Jim Denys
Just in case anyone missed it, there was fishing tournament this past weekend, the First Annual Hardheads Running of the Bulls, Bull Red Tournament. Those of us in the Bluewater area were the lucky ones to watch TEAM BLUEWATER grab the top three spots for the largest Bull Reds being caught on Saturday. With over 30 fisherman along the beach, anglers used a variety of bait, from crab, to sting ray, squid, cut mullet, to land these monsters. The Bluewater team of Brandon Scoppa, Mike Trahan, and Larry Webb took 1-2-3 with a 46 ½, 46 ¼, and 44 ½ Bull Reds. All were caught and released. All in all, the Bluewater Team caught 15 Bull Reds on Saturday from Sunrise to 3PM. Joe Styles took home the Bull Red with the most Spots with 17. It was just pure fun to watch this team hustle fish in and bait out all day Saturday. Great job to the Bluewater Team and to Hardheads for helping to sponsor this event.


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  1. HARDHEADS was HONORED to co-host such a wonderful event w/FISH BOLIVAR!! Get ready, folks, the ride has just started!! How ‘bout some FLOUNDER?!?!? Stay tuned!!!

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