It is a New Year with New Kitchen Ideas! (2)

HOW TO”…Freshen up your kitchen!

This kitchen just looks fun. If you wanted to have a kitchen like this it is mucho easy. If you already have an all white kitchen, the lower cabinets can be painted separately with your favorite color. Notice how a group of upper cabinets were also painted on the inside the same color as the lower cabinets. This is such a fresh green everything that you put against it stands out! These bright colors are grounded with the black granite counter tops. This kitchen also has one of my favorite features, dishwasher drawers. Notice how the drawer is half the size of a regular dishwasher. By using two of these drawers you can use a small amount of dishes in one without having to wait to fill up a full size. Most people have at least two. One can be for glassware and dishes and the other for pots and pans. They even have a crystal setting if you need it. Note the stainless small scale subway tile on the backsplash. By alternating the stainless tile with the black and white mosaic tile, everything is pulled together.

HOW TO”…Make a free (almost) backsplash!

When I saw this backsplash, my first thought was how great it looked. Then I realized how easy it would be to do it yourself and in the process, save a ton of money! To have a wonderful beachy seashell backsplash like this, you can either find the shells yourself or purchase them in bulk over the internet! Once again, like the tray we had last week, use the all in one mastic and grout product that you can purchase at any home improvement center. Using the ridged tool put the mastic on the area and then put your seashells randomly as close to each other as possible. Wait 24 hours and then using a rubber trowel spread the grout over the shells and then wipe with a damp sponge until there is not a light haze left. Beautiful and affordable! (2014-01-21)

Thank you for reading. I have enjoyed it! I enjoy your emails. I look forward to helping you with your decorating dilemmas.

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