Lions, Tigers & Bears Oh My!

By Georgia Osten
Wait, I got that all wrong, well, partially …
Bison, Snakes & Bears Oh My!

Day after day, it’s another exciting story from that Florida family. We took them to the airport over a week ago. Destination, Colorado Springs to get their RV. A cozy little travelling dwelling. This adventurous gang has the trip all planned out. From one camping ground to the next with hikes at each one. Already, they’ve been to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, Little Big Horn in Montana, and I think they’re still in Yellowstone, Wyoming, as we talk. News Flash – The Geysers were smelly. I asked why, PawPaw said “Moose Poop,” Addyson told me sulphur. I’m more likely to believe Addyson.

They’ve seen plenty already and they’re not even halfway through their journey. One really primitive park warned of rattlesnakes on the hiking paths. Sure nuff, one of my grandsons nearly stepped on one. Screaming and running backwards, he escaped. They say it wasn’t a rattlesnake, but a long black one nevertheless! Later on, the same path, another one went slithering along out of the way of the hikers.

They’ve seen Bison and cayotes and blue bonnets. Same old discussion, blue bonnets aren’t prevalent in those parts, probably Lupine. It’s okay, it’s a common mistake for a Texas girl who just wanted to see some good ol’ familiar flowers. They did actually see some longhorns though. That’s familiar enough!

In Yellowstone, everywhere they go, Strict Bear Warnings. Yep, it’s Bear season. They’re each carrying their own Bear Spray. Warnings, if they see a bear, they’re not supposed to run. Are you kidding me? AND, exactly how close to the bear do you have to be to use your Bear Spray? Never mind, I think I’d rather run!

PawPaw and I are holding down the fort until they return. Perhaps, we’ll get some other kiddos visiting when they return. Let’s hope so!

On a more serious note, with all that’s gone on around here lately, I want to express my sincere condolences to our dear Carlis and her precious family on their loss of Husband, Dad, Grandfather – Charles. Our love and prayers to all. And, Carlis, you can adopt me any old time, I’m ready!

Also, on the tragic fatalities of the two contractors working on the Entergy substation last Wednesday. Our prayers go out to their families and all who were affected by this awful occurrence.

Until we talk again, Y’all be careful out there!

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