Making old new again!

By Cindy Clay Srader
When moving to the beach and making it our home, frequently we have favorite pieces that we may not think will fit in with your beach décor. Some pieces look wonderful painted white and lend themselves to enhancing your other furniture. Think of how beautiful this piece would look against a bright colored or even a beautiful blue wall. The white would stand out and catch your eye first thing when entering the room. Note the extra design of the added wall paper on the back of this piece. I have something similar and I painted the back a bright yellow. There is something about a can of white spray paint that just calls my name! We all have our own styles and opinions on what our homes should look like. A piece like this would look great with any décor. Trust me, the WOW’s you will get from doing something different than you normally do, makes it all worthwhile. Being able to live every day in an atmosphere that makes you happy is what it is all about. I can hear the waves now and I may come knocking on your door. I would love to feature some local homes on the Peninsula. Please send me pictures of what you have done. I think we would all love to see how unique and different we are. I would gladly come visiting if I could, but these old knees just won’t make the stairs anymore. I am excited to hear from you and see how creative you all are! Keep Smiling, the world always needs more sunshine!


Here is a simple but beautiful vase/candle holder. This is another use for all of those beautiful seaglass treasures. The same process is used in making either a vase or a candle holder. Start with any clear glass vase. The size of the clear vase will determine how you will use it. There is no rhyme or reason as to how you place the glass on the outside of the vase. The more random the glass placement the better. Use your handy dandy E6000 and put it on a few inches at a time. I love the look of this when you use a candle and the light shines through! You can buy bags of “seaglass” at any craft store or on the internet to enhance your finds. Enjoy and Here’s to Summer!

(this article was first published on May 21, 2013)

What is “BEACH CHIC”? A design style comprised of a combination of clean lines and organic finishes that work together to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The color scheme is inspired by the beach and the natural environment of sun, sea and sand!

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  1. Carlis Cole says:

    Love that vase, Gotta make me one!

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