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Shannon WilliamsBy Shannon Williams
People, they can ruin your day or make your day and even though we should not let them affect us that way, it happens. Last week was really not so good. I had an incident on one of my sites and it was not just any site it was my home site and the staff who has been with me for years. It was not good and it was messy and it was a no win. I cried, cussed, and prayed for an answer we could all live with. I was told I would get more information about what direction we needed to go in by Thursday, and well that did not happen. Friday, I tried my best to not fret about it all and worked to let it go, but as we all know that is so very easy to say and so very hard to do sometimes, even when I sing the Frozen song, “LET IT GO“.

Friday afternoon rolled around and I got a call from my friend and neighbor to see if I want to go to Crab fest to check out everything in the ticket booth. I have worked the ticket booth for about 7 years and love doing it. I had planned to stay home and rest as Saturday am is always slammed and busy, but I thought I am going to go. I left the office early and we headed out to the festival grounds. I usually don’t go on Friday nights, but Wow what energy was in the air! I also don’t get to shop till later Saturday, but this year hit the booths early, that was fun! The vendors this year were outstanding, such artist and clever people making all kinds of things. They all were so happy to be at the Crab fest. It was great to have the time to stop and talk to them about what they were selling and how they did it. Each and every one had such a passion for what they were selling! Then it was time to street eat, which I think should be an Olympic sport!! In the end, I wanted a corn dog and wow was it good. I don’t eat them very often and it was a nice treat. I stayed a while and helped out at the gate, mostly telling people that they could not take that cold beer out the gate. I always try and remember they are there to have a good time and have fun and sometimes just forget the rules. I approach them with a smile and a joke if I can and 99% of the time get a great big smile and yes ma back. That night I had a few stand there and finish off their beer at the gate. They were great fun to talk with and joke with and it really took away the heaviness from my work week.

I spend most of my time at work, telling people what they did wrong or how to do stuff. I often am the one who has to be the bad cop and it takes a toll. Getting to interact with people at the Crab fest was just what I needed to remember that I do like people and they can be great fun! Saturday morning came and we were all ready in our new air conditioned ticket booth, thank you Crab Fest committee! Smiles were in great supply and people were really excited to be there and ready for fun. I tried to interact as much as I could as that is the fun part for me. I noticed a shining ring on a young girl’s hand and asked if she was engaged, well she was and it had just happened that morning, she was so excited that someone noticed! The kids are the best, each year I tell them that you cannot be crabby at the crab fest! I don’t think it helps but all smile when I say it. It is great that kids get in free as in the end, it is about being with friends and family and kids cost a lot of money these days.

We had a young teenage boy come up and give us some ride tickets to give out as he was not going to use them. Well if the cutest little family did not come up to the gate! They were given the tickets and you could just see the happiness in their eyes. It happened again later that someone gave us some ride tickets to give away, what fun we had with that. I had to watch the exit gate in the afternoon and again had to tell folks that they could not take their beer out, more fun talks, several called me sweetheart and lots of smiles. By the end of the day I was hot, tired, stinky, but my heart was full from just the interaction with all the people and being able to exchanges smiles and greetings with so many. When you look at all the fun that is had, the work does not seem like work and then add in the scholarships which change lives, it is really a winner winner. In the end my week ended with a win! So, if you did not sign up to work the crab fest you are missing out, I think you will see as many smiles on the volunteers as you do those attending. Sign up next year and enjoy the fun and help your community.


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