My life flows on in endless song

By Linda Elissalde
My life flows on, and so do the years. I warbled with joy to turn 82 on February 14, 2023. Some folk call that Valentine’s Day, but in my family it has always been Linda’s Birthday. My sweet, dear friends probably dread the arrival as they know my birthday will flow on and on and on. Cards and phone calls begin arriving en masse quite a while before the 14th.

This year has been no exception. My grand friend of 29 years, Yondle Davis, opened festivities on February 9 at her beautifully decorated condo in Houston, Texas. She treated me with gift card, movie, dining at an extraordinary Peruvian Restaurant, two great breakfasts and driving us to shop, shop, shop. I definitely spent a bit of that gift card.

Next over to special friends Sharon and John Pope’s lovely hacienda. They provided their yummy cheese dip, the very best margaritas, another gift card, chocolate pie and a cute colorful cat-not a real one-along with a laugh filled visit.

Marcel started off February 13th with massive amounts of carefully selected birthday cards. It takes a lot of time to pick out all those cards. Each one was unique. He also stuck some green in all of them. Thoughtful Raquel Silverberg dropped by to deliver a beautiful yellow plant and cute LED bug from she and Mary Ellen Smith. That evening my Galveston Chorale friend Janice Conway treated me to dinner. Pastor Valerie Hudson’s talented grandson Isaac sent a clever video wishing me a happy birthday.

Marcel, Emma and I set out Tuesday morning of February 14, 2023 for Huntsville, Texas. (Side note: Our Labradoodle Emma always rides shotgun.) Karen and Byron Kelly, formerly of Crystal Beach, and Labs Pink and Lady Gaga riotously welcomed the 3 of us. We entered through a festive balloon filled doorway. WOW! The dining table groaned with delicious goodies crowned by Karen’s homemade chocolate cupcakes. Gifts included appropriate shrimp earrings and a gorgeous pillow declaring LOVE! In the evening we were treated to a party at their club with dinner and dancing. More fun continued through the next day and a half. Emma was introduced to Bark Park. That doggie never had the freedom to run, and she ran until she dropped. Thursday brought a woeful farewell. We arrived safely home to discover that Clinton, dog buddy of George Strong, had left a bottle of wine on our step steps.

Friday morning consisted of cleaning up, writing notes, washing and rolling hair. Marcel kept asking me if I were going to change out of my robe or take down my hair. I could not figure out why it mattered. I should have paid more attention. All of a sudden, Emma is barking. I glanced out our door to see a line of 8 ladies ascending the stairs followed by their own videographer Mr. Pat Tinsley. This chorus line lined up to deliver a grand performance of “We Love You, Linda” with encore of “Happy Birthday”. You had to see it to believe it. Sherry Morgan, Elinor Tinsley, Marsha Fredenburg, Sandi Covington, Rita Moseley, Carole Chambers, Jo Evans, and Paulette Layfield were an unforgettable “Chorus Line”. Broadway’s loss is Crystal Beach’s gain. To complete this party, Paulette presented a famous Elaine Rollfing cake. Yes, Linda, Elaine sent her delectably decorated one of a kind chocolate cake. My mom taught me manners, so I did share. It turned out that Paulette, with help from Marcel, had plotted the whole event. I was honestly really surprised. If only I had combed out my hair.

My life truly flows on with such kind, loving, caring family and friends. I am most lucky and grateful. Robert Lowry is credited with the song that captures how I feel.

My life flows on in endless song. Since love is Lord of heaven and earth, how can I keep from singing?

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  1. Linda C says:

    Tom and Georgia,
    Thank you for doing such a great job with my article and photos. I must also add Reba Hemstad who gifted me with a most special sparkling necklace, birthday pin and lens wipes for my glasses. Rita Moseley presented me with a black diamond earring, and Elinor Tinsley is treating Marcel and me to dinner when Tia Juanita’s is open.

    Thanks again, again, again,

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