Oh, What a Night!

By Linda Elissalde
Oh! What a Night it was with a full moon so large and bright you expected to see a witch flying across. On the ground there were plenty of witches, dinosaurs, dead brides, Laughing Jacks, scarecrows, beautiful princesses et.al. Someone looking like Jimmy Buffet was spotted, or, could it have been Gulf Coast Store owner Keith Zahar? The Big Store’s 2023 Halloween GHOST ON THE COAST captained by Buffy provided something for everyone. Many games of chance awaited contestants. A long line of ticket holding winners stood patiently to retrieve their prizes. TRUNK OR TREAT presented artful representations ranging from humorous to lovely to down right scary. Along with such a plethora of displays were treats to satisfy everyone with sweet treats or ornamentations.

There were also Pumpkin Decorating, Trunk or Treat and Costumes Contests. Judges had a hard time choosing the top three from so many unique, clever entrees. Once again Gulf Coast Market aka The Big Store showplaces the very best GHOST ON THE COAST and TRUNK OF TREAT. All agreed with acclamation, OH, WHAT A NIGHT!

Costume Contest Judges: Tom Sloan, Head Judge Bob Hibbard, and Mary Jane Parsley.

ACE Reporter: Linda Elissalde


First Place: Haunted Mansion; Second Place: The Shark (not pictured); Third Place: The Salty Mermaid


Ages 0-4 (L to R)
1st Place: Bentlee as Old Lady ($100 prize from Seaside Lumber); 2nd Place: Summer as Elvis; 3rd Place: Dolly as Girl Firefighter

Ages 5-8 (L to R)
1st Place: Rebel as Maleficent ($100 prize from Nauti Beaver Hut); 2nd Place: Aria as Chucky; 3rd Place: Mazus as Zombie Bride

Ages 9-16 (L to R)
1st Place: Taylen as Laughing Jack ($100 prize from Crystal Beach Marketing); 2nd Place: Maia as Dead Bride; 3rd Place: Kaylee as Carnival Clown

Adults (L to R)
1st Place: Penny and Lindon as The Gomezes ($100 prize from Jay’s Golf Carts); 2nd Place: Lanette as The Scarecrow; 3rd Place: Tommy as Furies



[LCE: Oct-31-2023]

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