Palm Sunday

By Georgia Osten
We had been invited to our Grandson’s Golf Tournament, so we decided to catch the 9:30 mass in Galveston. We had to make the 8:30 ferry which put us there a little early, so we went to breakfast first at ShyKatz. It was kind of a hurried breakfast, but we got our order in ahead of the local crowd. We made it to church just in time for it to be halfway through mass. You see, mass was at 9:00, not 9:30. My husband was parking the car and we commented “there’s not a lot of people going in.” Well, that’s because mass was halfway over. I went in just to find out. I knew my husband wouldn’t come in, he was waiting outside for me to come out. A really nice lady handing out bulletins, told me the next mass was at 10:00 at St Patrick’s. So off we went, knowing we had a bit to wait. Good thing we got there so early, the church became packed!

We left right after mass to make it to Deer Park for Pierce’s first golf tournament. Pierce just turned 10 years old. Looks like we might have another Tiger Woods on our hands.

They played 9-holes. To top it off, his Dad was his Caddy. Oh, what a team they made. They played against Axle, a 9-year old and Axle’s Dad was his Caddy. So much discussion about which club to use, the strategy for each shot, and Mommy delivering her opinions on which club to use and PawPaw delivering his opinions of which direction to hit the next shot.

My son rented a golf cart for me, which made me feel 150 years old! But, oh how grateful I was. Pierce’s Mommy and I rode the course in the golf cart. Camber made sure I followed the rules, like NOT driving on the green … stuff like that. PawPaw walked along with the golfers. Camber offered many times to trade with him, but he refused to kick her off the golf cart. She admitted to me that Pierce really likes to ride too, but guess what, for his first tournament his Caddy made him walk the whole nine.

The weather was perfect, a bit overcast and a nice breeze. The whole tournament took approximately 4 hours. We would have been through sooner, but we had to wait for the slow pokes on the tee before us. The Mom was his Caddy and he, the young golfer, had a bit of a meltdown several times, we witnessed a few. Perhaps, with that temperament, He’ll be the next Tiger Woods.

I’m hooked now, can’t wait to watch my Grandson in the next tournament. Pebble Beach and The Houston Open, here we come!

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