Sargassum Removal Standards

(per Corps of Engineers Guidelines)

  • Seaweed wrack must meet a minimum threshold of 6″ deep and 8′ wide
  • Trained wildlife monitors must inspect sargassum for sea turtles ahead of equipment
  • No mechanized maintenance shall occur within 4′ of the swash zone (the section of the beach where the water washes up after an incoming wave has broken)
  • A small line of seaweed must be left behind
  • Seaweed will be located to the toe of the nearest dune

These standards apply to the removal of sargassum and other natural vegetation seaward of the mean high tide line.

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One Response to “Sargassum Removal Standards”

  1. Pam says:

    Please come rake the seaweed from the area around barrel 58-59 (and surrounding). There is a long stretch that has been here since at least last week. It is thick and it smells horrible. Not something that can be taken care of by visitors. And for all those renting condos in town he area, it is definitely something they will remember when booking future stays. Other areas are not this bad, so this should be taken care of.
    Please take care of this asap.

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