Snuggle Time

By Georgia Osten
Our Littles and their big brother joined us this weekend. Oh, how I love hearing the front door open and close over and over again. They’re a lively bunch of energy! We met at Jose’s to wish Rick a Happy 70th. I’m surprised we found a table on a Friday night up front no less! On the way back home, Lizzy was invited to stay overnight with us. She so enjoys spending time with her cousins (second or third removed?). Everybody got showers and we found some jammies to cinch up small enough for Lizzy and the smallest Crab Fest t-shirt we could find. We all settled down for some good ol’ Blue Bell and Matthew found the Astros on TV for us all.

I had to go into town on Saturday morning to shop for the big crowd coming to stay with us for Crab Festival weekend. It was a hefty trip I must say. Many trips to get everything upstairs, but we had plenty of help!

The kids all went to the beach while I was gone. They even tried out the pool. Thank goodness for the hot tub, the pool is a bit too cold still.

I brought home a couple of rotisserie chickens for dinner and we fed the crowd some healthy veggies and topped it off with another tasty dessert, Blue Bell of course.

Loved snuggling with my boys, what a treat for a tired old Grandma.

Gearing up for a busy weekend, there’s so much to do. It will be a blur by next Sunday evening.

Hope you all come out to see us. Bring Mom, we’ll do the entertaining.

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